The Comenius Bridge in Jaroměř

Stage: Architectural competition
Investor: Town of Jaroměř
Date: 2013

Technical Specifications:

Architectural and structural design for a bridge for cyclists and pedestrians across the Elbe River for the architectural competition commissioned by the town of Jaroměř. The bridge is designed as one-piece steel truss with reinforced concrete slab creating composite cross section. The height of the bridge varies from 1.25 m to the 2.75 m at centerline. The simple and light truss structure, the shape of which is determined by the simple span behaviour, is coated with panels with a polished stainless steel surface. Mirroring the water surface on the surface of the bridge creates an unusual visual effect that gives the bridge a different dimension. The bridge blends with its surroundings, acts airy and does not interfere with the views of the town historical centre.