Bridge at Kojenecký ústav, Olomouc

Stage: Detailed Design
Client: OHL ŽS, a.s.
Investor: Town of Olomouc
Date: VI. 2007 – VI. 2008

Technical Specifications:

Bridge over the Morava River, carrying a local road with a free width of 7.0 m and public pedestrian paths of 2 x 2.0 m width. The bridge is a single-span Langer girder with a span of 64.9 m. The supporting structure consists of a concrete slab suspended on double plane steel arch with a rise of 8.8 m. The deck and its internal post-tensioning forms a tie of the arch. The cross-section of the deck is formed by longitudinal beams under the arches accompanied by a system of cross beams and thin slab. Pathways are located on the cross beam cantilevers.