Bridge over the Jihlava River, Třebíč

Stage: Detailed Design
Client: Colas CZ, a.s.
Investor: Regional office of “Vysočina” county
Date: VII. 2016 – XI. 2016

Technical Specifications:

Bridge over the Jihlava River on road II/351 between Žerotín and Komenský Square in the city of Třebíč. This bridge is incorporated into the retaining walls along the river banks. Its construction had to be performed in a complicated environment of the historical center of the city. The structure consists of a post-tensioned reinforced concrete frame. Length of the bridge is 37.8 m. The deck is made of a double-T cross section with thin slab cantilevers and variable beam depth increasing towards the abutments. The deck is anchored into abutments and the whole acts together as a frame. The abutments are founded on rock below the river bed.