Bridge over the Przemsa River, Chelmek (Poland)

Stage: Detailed Design
Client: Metrostav
Investor: Zarząd dróg Wojewódzkich w. Krakowie, Polsko
Date: X. 2011 – XI. 2012

Technical Specifications:

A road bridge with a 60.0 m span across the Przemsa River. The bridge replaced the existing four-span bridge, which was in an unsatisfactory technical condition. The bridge is formed by a central paraper girder suspended on concrete central arch by steel hangers. Parapet girder forms tie of the arch. Each traffic direction is located on cross beams cantilevering from the central girder. Lobgitudinal and transverse post-tensioning was used for both the central girder and the cross beams. End cross beams ensure stiffness and stability of the bridge that is in a skew.