Pedestrian bridge over Ostravice,

Stage: Detailed Design
Client: Eurovia CS, a.s.
Investor: Town of Frýdek-Místek
Date: V. 2009 – XII. 2009

Technical Specifications:

Pedestrian bridge designed across the Ostravice River in the park area along the river. The bridge is designed as a continuous three-span stress ribbon structure with a total length of 100.5 m with 21.75 + 50.0 + 21.75 m spans. The bridge load carrying structure is made of prefabricated reinforced concrete segments placed on load bearing cables. The deck slab is post-tensioned by the cables. External cables are placed and grouted in stainless steel pipes located below the deck. The intermediate supports are provided with saddles that form the seat for the supporting cables. End abutmenrts are founded on combination of drilled piles and ground anchors.