Pedestrian bridge in Brezno, Slovakia

Stage: Detailed Design
Client: Slovenská správa ciest
Investor: Slovenská správa ciest
Date: IX. 2015 – VI. 2017

Technical Specifications:

Pedestrian bridge over a newly built roundabout linking the city center with the Č. Balog housing area. Length of the pedestrian bridge is 115.0 m. The superstructure with a free width of 3.0 m is made of a reinforced concrete trapezoidal slab. The main span of the bridge, with a length of 32.5 m, is suspended on steel pylons. Rod hangers are anchored to steel cross beams cast into the concrete slab. Part of the bridge creates an access ramp. Along this length the deck slab of the same cross section is supported by tubular steel pillars located at the bridge centre line.