Tomáš Kulhavý, Ph.D.

Tomáš is an experienced designer with years of experience, including participation in projects abroad. For several years he worked on a suspended bridge over the Fraser River in Canada and a Taiwan High Speed Rail Project in Taiwan.

Tomáš is a founding partner of the Link Projekt, and its executive and technical director. He coordinates the work of the project teams and oversees the quality of the output.


Pedestrian bridge in Eugene, Oregon, United States

Independent static calculation of a three-span suspension structure with a 23 + 103 + 23 m span over the Willamette River with a bridge constructed of concrete prefabricated segments. The supporting cables are supported by steel “A” pylons and anchored in the anchor blocks on both sides by steel rods. The bridge was completed in 1999.

Motorway overpass at Olomouc, Czech Republic

Static calculation of preloaded two-spoke concrete bridge over R35. The cross-section is made up of two parapet beams in the form of New Jersey conveyor joints connected to a concrete slab. The central support consists of a pre-cast reinforced concrete column in the form of a “V”. The end crosses of the bridge are directly supported by drilling pilots. The bridge was completed in 2000.

Pedestrian bridge at the bypass of Pilsen, Czech Republic

Suspension bridge project over the D5 motorway. The bridge is made up of two steel pipes connected by a reinforced concrete slab. The ground plan of the bridge is S-shaped with spiral access ramps. The pylons are situated at the center of the ramp. The supporting cables are anchored on the pylons and eccentrically on one of the bridge tubes. Responsible for the static calculation and preparation of Documentation for the Construction. The bridge has not yet been completed.

Footbridge in Maidstone, England

Static and dynamic calculation of two-pole pre-stressed belt construction made of pre-cast reinforced concrete segments with a coupled monolithic plate. The structure is planted with a central support consisting of a reinforced concrete staircase as a strut and a steel rod. The bridge was completed in 2000.

Bridge on the highway over train tracks, pipelines and the Opava River, Czech Republic

Responsible designer of a trestle bridge on the D47 motorway. The structure consists of a continuous beam of 17 fields with a maximum span of 45 m. The cross section consists of a pair of steel I-beams with a coupled concrete bridgeboard. The bridgeboard is transversally pre-loaded. The main beams are directly supported on the transversally pre-stressed bearing supports.

Pedestrian bridge for cyclists in České Budějovice, Czech Republic

Responsible designer of a bridge for cyclists across the Vltava River that spans 53.2 m. The supporting structure consists of a steel bridge with a coupled concrete slab supported eccentrically along one edge by means of steel arch hinges. The arc is deflected from the vertical plane. The construction is embedded into integrated supports. The bridge was completed in 2006.

Pedestrian bridge over R35 near Olomouc, Czech Republic

Static pedestrian bridge design over the R35 motorway, consisting of a pre-tensioned belt with an external arch. The supporting structure consists of a pre-stressed belt with two arrays, the inner support of which consists of a concrete arch with a span of 64 m. The construction consists of a self-supporting system that minimizes the foundation requirements.

C260 & C270 THSR project, Taiwan

Coordination and leadership of projects of various types of pre-stressed concrete bridges, erected bridges and composite-steel bridges for high-speed rail in the Design Management Department of the Bilfinger-Berger Implementation Company on the C260 and C270 sections.

Golden Ears Bridge, Canada

Construction preparation, design of temporary construction, construction procedures and coordination of projects of various types of pre-stressed concrete bridges, coupled steel-concrete bridges and the main extradosed bridge over the Fraser River in the Construction Management Department of Bilfinger Berger (Canada).