Petr Damek

Petr is a founding partner and executive of the Link Projekt and he has been the leader from the beginning.

He has more than twenty years of experience in designing bridge structures of various types. 


Bridges on R52 Rajhrad-Pohorelice

Highway overpasses on the R52 expressway. Predominantly slender monolithic pre-stressed structures.

R3510. Facility 201

Two-lane integrated pre-stressed concrete bridge formed with a parapet. It is

part of a country road. Awarded the Bridge Work of the Year.

R3509 – Obchvat Olomouce

Bridge Design Coordinator. The bridges on the route include trestle No. 202, a monolithic construction with a 42-meter span and a concrete lower pull-out. Furthermore, a large number of monolithic pre-stressed bridge structures at multi-level junctions, especially cross-sections of the “one-piece” type, two-sided or slab. The route also includes integrated bridges for field roads made up of parapet beams.

Expert activity

Bridges for R5205, R5206 and R48.