Stanislav Brtáň

Standa strengthened our team shortly after the company was set up in 2007. As an experienced practitioner, today he acts as the lead designer and gives experience to younger colleagues.


Flying concrete bridge over the Váh Canal, Horná Streda, D61 (SK)

Three-lane continuous beam with a length of 178 m with a main span of 66.5 m and a chamber cross section. Longitudinal internal and external pre-stress.Footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists at Incheba over D1 and another road, Bratislava (SK)

A five-poster reinforced concrete slab reinforced in the middle field by a single steel arch (Langra beams). The overall length is 91 m. The span of the main field is 34 m. There are elevators at both ends.

Pedestrian bridge for Aupark over D1 and another road, Bratislava (SK)

Two and four-pane pre-stressed concrete slab reinforced in the middle field by a steel arch (Langra beams). Overall length 113.5 m, main field span 34 m.

Bright concrete bridge across the valley and railway, Ožďany, R2 (SK)

A five-lane continuous beam of 431 m in length, with a span of 87.5 m internal space, and a chamber cross section of varying heights. Longitudinal internal and external pre-stress.

Steel bridge over the Ostravice River, D47, Ostrava

A four-poster continuous beam with a cut-out steel chamber with a coupled concrete slab. Variable cross-section height. Overall length 343 m, span of the main field 100.3 m. Flying assembly, concreting in carts. Transverse cohesive and longitudinal outer pre-stress. Unstable ground.

Coordinator of Bridge Objects, D1 Jánovce – Jablonov (DSP) (19 bridges)

Bridge at the Orphan Institution, Olomouc

One-piece slab reinforced with steel arches (Langra’s beams). Bridge extension 64.9 m. Bridge width 13.35 m. Longitudinal cohesive pre-stress.

Footbridge over the Ostravice River, Frýdek-Místek

Three-lane pre-tensioned belt of length 100.5 m. Main field range 50 m. Pedestrian and bicycle bridge.

Road Bridge at I / 3, Tábor

Three-poster railing units. Overall length 105.8 m. Main field range 34 m. Longitudinal and transverse cohesive pre-stress. Bridge over the railway line Tábor – Sudoměřice.

Concepts of bridges at the Šantovka Gallery, Olomouc (three bridges and five lifts)

Pedestrian bridge — north connection to Šantovka Gallery, Olomouc

Seven-pile continuous plate. Overall length 144.3 m. Main field span 28.6 m. Steel supports with branched gauges. Longitudinal incoherent pre-stress.

Architectural and construction competition, Komenský Bridge, Jaroměř

One-piece steel truss construction with a concrete slab with a 62 m span. Cladding with polished stainless steel sheet. Reward for co-authoring the proposal.

Architectural and construction competition, pedestrian bridge over the Elbe River, Hradec Králové

One-piece framework of pre-stressed concrete with a span of 64 m and a width of 12.5 m. Co-author of the design.

Coordinator of Bridges, R2 Ruskovce – Pravotice, Bánovce nad Bebravou (SK) (13 bridges)

Prefabricated bridge to R2 over a railway line

Eight-pole continuous prefabricated bridge. Overall length 210.5 m. Main field range 31 m. Concrete bonding – concrete. Pre-stressed prefabricated elements.

Architectural and construction competition, bridge over the Moravia River, Litovel

One-piece pre-stressed frame with a 32 m span. Designer – 1st prize.

Bridge Object Coordinator, D55 (R55) 5507 Babice – Old Town (Documentation for Building Permit) (16 bridges)

Architectural and construction competition, pedestrian bridge over the Lubina River, Příbor

One-sided steel parapet with a span of 36.3m. Reversible interlocking. Co-author of the proposal – 3rd prize.

Road Bridge on Masarykova Street, Olomouc (Documentation for Building Permit and Documentation for Construction)

Two-pole steel construction reinforced with steel archs (Langra beams). Total length 63.3 m. Main field span 38.3 m. Cooperation with architects from DRNH.

Architectural and construction competition, Mezibořská Bridge, Litvínov

Three-lane continuous parapet of pre-stressed concrete with a main span of 47.5 m. Designer.

Coordinator of bridges, I / 57 Valašské Meziříčí – Jarcová, bypass (Documentation for Territorial Proceeding) (18 bridges)